Our yogurt is whole milk and added live cultures, nothing else.

We process our yogurt on-site in our state-of-the-art Micro-dairy

  • After milking our Jersey cows, the milk is filtered and immediately cooled.
  • Next, we pour it into a vat.
    This “bruises” the milk less than most “pipeline” dairies, resulting in a more flavorful milk, and more flavorful yogurt
  • The milk is heated before being batched into whole-milk yogurt.
  • The finished yogurt is then packaged and cooled on the farm before being delivered to local stores.
  • You can also purchase our yogurt and raw milk here at Callie’s Creamery.

That’s it! We don’t add any other ingredients.

A note about our containers:

Deciding on a container was challenging, We settled on a #2 plastic product.
It is reusable and is recyclable if it goes to your local recycling center.
The statistics on recycling glass are not good. Some studies site that seven times more energy is used to recycle glass containers than to recycle plastic.